Lip augmentation can be just the ticket if you are unhappy with thin or uneven lips, as it will achieve a memorable smile with the full lips that are a sign of youthful vitality. Some patients are born with thin lips, or perhaps have a plump lower lip with a thin upper lip or vice versa. Lips will thin with age as well, resulting in a loss of lip volume. The upper lip will droop with age, exposing only your lower teeth when you smile. This can also be addressed with a lip plumping procedure. Dr. Dev has performed many augmentations for the lip. Collagen, dermal fillers or permanent, soft implants can be used. Dr Dev is one of only a few plastic surgeons in the country allowed to use a new product from Cook Surgical called Surgisis.  The product is a porcine or pig derived product that, when placed into the lips, develops into collagen for permanent lip augmentation.


An adult over the age of 18 who is otherwise in good health and has reasonable expectations is likely to be a good candidate for lip augmentation. Reasons for lip augmentation include the following:

  • Thin lips due to aging
  • Thin lips due to genetics
  • Uneven lips: one larger than the other, creating asymmetry
  • Drooping upper lip due to aging or genetics

Lip augmentation is elective and, therefore, not covered by health insurance unless it’s a result of trauma. Dr. Dev will discuss all the options for lip augmentation with you in detail at your consultation in his plastic surgery office in Bakersfield. Lip augmentation, whether surgical or through the use of dermal fillers or collagen can be, and often is, part of other facial procedures, such as a face lift.


Lip augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis at Dr. Dev’s Bakersfield plastic surgery office under local anesthesia, unless the augmentation is part of another procedure requiring general anesthesia, such as a face lift.

Once local anesthesia is injected (in much the same way as your dentist would perform a dental block), a tiny needle is used to insert the collagen or dermal filler. Dr. Dev will massage the lips to be certain the filler is in just the right places. Ice packs are applied afterwards, and you will leave the office within 30 minutes. The entire procedure will take an hour including time to inject the Novocain, the filler and apply ice.

If you have elected lip augmentation implants, this procedure is also performed in the office. Tiny incisions are made in the lips through which the soft implant material is inserted. Sutures are then placed which are invisible once healed, and an ice pack is applied.

Lip augmentation implant surgery typically takes about an hour, slightly longer than injecting dermal fillers, but the final result is permanent.


Generally, there is no “downtime” with lip augmentation, so you’ll feel fine afterwards to return to work or other activities. You will have some numbness for a few hours after the injection, similar to the numbness one gets after a dental filling. Although some patients report minor pain associated with lip augmentation, this discomfort can be treated effectively with over-the-counter medication such as Tylenol; some patients find that ice packs are also helpful. While complications are rare, you can minimize potential problems by carefully following the directions given by Dr. Dev. Please do not smoke after lip augmentation, whether by filler or permanent implant, for a period of at least a month.

Whether you have always had thin lips or you want to return your lips to the shape and fullness they had when you were younger, filler injections or permanent lip implants can help you improve your image.  Call our office today to schedule your private consultation with Dr. Dev to discuss the various choices!